Community programs help young women and  men navigate from being girls and boys into womanhood and manhood. With the assistance of  group activities, mentors, field trips, and guest speakers, students find their voice and learn how to demonstrate leadership at home, in school and in the community.   

Students learn the strength that is involved in becoming and man and woman. They are exposed to various young professionals currently making a difference in their corporations, communities, and homes. They learn that they choose what their path to greatness looks like and are paired with a mentor to help guide them in their decision making for the future.

Students also focus on their voice and the fact that they have something to say, while learning how their voice carries power with their peers, family members, and in their communities. The program allows students to create, develop and promote their ideas.  Students are encourage to give a voice to their communities and their daily experiences. 


In-school programming is based on a student-centered curriculum designed to enhance classroom objectives and meet the needs of each learning community. We help students realize the connection between their passion(s) and their success in school. Our interactive, corporate style delivery covers topics like, goal setting, conflict resolution, college preparation, and so much more. Students reflect on their current environment, friends, and networks, and how the choices they make today impact their tomorrow.  They learn to realize that leadership begins NOW, they are developing their future NOW, and they control their future by making wise choices when choosing friends, associations and community involvement.



After-school programming is focused on developing the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of students.  We help them: find their voice, find their passion, and promote their ideas.  Students who participate, identify ways they can channel their passion into lucrative “intrapreneurial” and entrepreneurial initiatives. The program instills in students  that they determine what their future looks like; while sharing the 'rules for success.'  Leaders in the government, the community, and the business world share their real world experiences with the youth. This curriculum helps students uncover their passion, and helps them establish goals and road maps for achieving success.