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Meet Dana & Read Our Story 

While working as a Business Banker, Dana Thomas heard a speaker give a message that questioned and challenged her life's legacy.

To summarize the message:  Other than family and close friends, no one really cares about the events surrounding day you were born or the day you die. When your eulogy is delivered (and family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances speak), they will talk about your life and everything that happened in between those dates: YOUR dash.

Dana could not get this message out of her mind....She was a top producer in a male dominated field. She had achieved vice president status, money in the bank, investments, social status, and security. She had finally achieved her dream (and had accomplished it in record time)... but what was her legacy? Other than money in the bank, a nice home, car, etc. what wash her contribution to her community?  What would live after her death and she was no longer here?  What was her dash?

She decided to take her love for youth to the next level.  Youth were especially close to her heart because this group felt the most entitled, was to the most misunderstood, and hence 'left alone', when they needed the most guidance. This was the group with the most potential, energy and time to make lasting changes.

The vision included more than just giving youth "a fish", but "teaching them how to fish"... She envisioned teaching one, and empowering them to teach another, who would teach another ... who would then, teach another.... until an entire generation was transformed in their thinking and strategies for success.  So Mye-Dash was born; to encourage others to begin working on 'their' dash.

Dana is a financial expert and professor with experience in the areas of: curriculum development, training and development, marketing, business positioning, lending and management. She has worked in Corporate America for over two decades with the privilege of working as a vice president for some of the nation's top financial institutions. She earned a Marketing and Management Degree from the University of North Florida, and an MBA from Jacksonville University. She has also coached and mentored youth (and their parents) in various capacities for over 20 years.

"The possibility for success is always within your reach, YOU must make the effort to PLAN for it and PURSUE it ."  -- Dana Thomas