ENROLLMENT 2017-2018

Mye-Dash is dedicated to helping students make the connection between their passion to their success in school.  Our 2017 - 2018 Mye-Future Program is a one year commitment where we meet with students and parents once a month.  Our seminars empower youth to find their passion and their voice; as we expose students to various careers by engaging them in hands-on projects associated with different career fields.  In addition to hands-on activities, we incorporate success seminars,  field trips as well as, exposure to industry leaders and college representatives.  While students learn, parents/guardians also learn about best practices and resources to ensure their student's successful transition into their field of choice.  For more information complete the form below and/ or reach out to Dana Thomas via email (danasthomas@mye-dash.com) or phone (407.616.2672).