Students are partnered with mentors who build their self-esteem and guide them to their desired place of success. Mentors encourage them to always surround themselves with education (via books, media, college, on-the-job training, etc.) and never stop learning.

We surround students with building blocks needed for their success and introduce a mindset of "building" their lives, networks, and education (while avoiding people, places and things that detract or deflate). ​ Students are taught goal setting skills and realize how "building blocks" lead to  their vision for success.

We  empower youth to uncover their passions and strengths. We infuse the importance of not only living, but living purpose driven, fulfilled, lives. We instill the importance of giving their time, energy, thoughts and resources to help others within their community.



Empowering Generations for Success

Amman is a Division Leader for a major financial institution.  He attended Ambassador University and has over 20 years of corporate sales and operations experience.  Amman is a husband and father who has coached and mentored youth for many years.  He is passionate about helping children reach their true potential, and can be quoted saying "Always work on your game."

​Mye-Dash is a federally recognized non profit organization (501c3) that will equip students with tools and strategies to broaden their perspectives; while instilling the need to share their knowledge and resources with others to ensure the success of others within their community.  The information they gain will position them to transform their lifestyle and transition their communities into viable havens for entrepreneurship and education.

Mye-Dash has been designed to empower youth in the areas of financial literacy, community activism, leadership and entrepreneurship. We help students make the connection between their passion and their educational success in school.

Kristin Fulwylie
Director of Community Engagement 



Kristin is a Public Relations Professional and Community Organizer. She earned her B.S. in Public Relations from Slippery Rock University and her M.S. in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. Kristin's professional goals include applying her skills to building and maintaining a positive image in the community she serves. She believes an educated community leads to an empowered community,  which creates a positive environment for the growth and development of existing and future generations.

A Team With a Heart to Serve!

Dana Thomas
Executive Director 


More About Our Founder & History

Amman Thomas
Director of Operations