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Nonprofit Organization (501c3) dedicated to helping students make the connection between their passion and their success in school.  We  empower youth in the areas of education, ​financial literacy, community service, and corporate leadership.

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In-School Programming
Community Programs
After-school programming is focused on developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills of student.  We help students: find their voice, find their passion, and promote their ideas.  Students identify ways they can channel their passion into lucrative “intrapreneurial” and entrepreneurial initiatives.

Our community programs help young women and  men navigate from being girls and boys into womanhood and manhood. With the assistance of  group activities, mentors, field trips, and guest speakers, students find their voice and learn how to demonstrate leadership at home, in school and in the community. 

In-school programming is based on a student-centered curriculum designed to enhance classroom objectives and meet the needs of each learning community.  We help students realize the connection between their passion(s) and their success in school. 
After-School Program

Empowering Generations for Success